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          Top quality Hawaiian Quilts, Aloha Shirts, Kid's Apparel, Kona Coffee, Koa Crafts at the best prices! Guaranteed...  

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We supply the latest 100% cotton Hawaiian Shirt wear for work or relaxation, Aloha Clothing,  Bedding, Sheeting, and Hawaiian gifts at the lowest  prices delivered right to your door.

Aloha Shirts

Winnie Fashion Inc,
One of Hawaii's  largest wholesale manufactures of Exclusive Aloha Ware, is a leading fashion designer in Hawaii.  Their products are of excellent quality and made from the finest Hawaiian designed fabrics.  We are proud to offer this unique Limited Edition Aloha Hawaiian Shirts!

Kawasaki Spices,
Are a native Hawaiian blend of fresh Hawaiian Sea Salts offered Exclusive by us!!
Hawaiian Quilted Comforters and bed sheeting are made from fine quality 100% cotton fabric and are highly sought after for there retro prints and exotic appearance. Our bedding sheets are 200 thread count with a  very silky smooth feeling! Hawaiian Quilts

Gourmet Kona Coffee is a rich blend of selected Coffee which provides you with a smooth and rich teasing flavor that will please your senses!  Guaranteed...

Kona Supremo Gourmet Roast Hawaiian Coffee!



Unique Hawaiian Dog Clothes for your favorite pet!  These Aloha Diapers and Shirts are made from 100% silky smooth cotton and are made locally in Hawaii!  The diapers are designed to prevent accidents to your carpet or for Female Dogs in Heat!

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